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Boot after setup of new build Cardbox Client

After install a new build of Cardbox Client, mostly Windows want to reboot your machine

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28-Nov-2006 16:05

After install a new build of Cardbox Client, mostly setup want to reboot your machine. In some cases this is unwished.
There is a possibility to avoid a reboot. Install a small free-ware program "unlocker". This adds in the context menu of Windows Explorer a menu item "unlock". If you do this on the Cardbox Client Folder, it reports which Cardbox files are locked by Windows and you can unlock them first. After unlock you can run setup of Cardbox Client without needing to restart after install.
Unlocker is to download on http://ccollomb.free.fr/unlocker/.
Bert Stortenbeker


28-Nov-2006 16:46

This can mostly be avoided by ensuring that you are not running Cardbox when you install it.
The reboot is only necessary if files are in use when the updater runs. Reduce this risk by always exiting Cardbox first.

The same goes for updating the Server component.

- Shaun


28-Nov-2006 17:47

Unfortunately also if the Client is NOT used, Windows occupies it sometime with software which has nothing to do with Cardbox (Explorer, TotalCommander, Norton AV etc ect...!).
Updating (a runnin) Cardbox Server I never got the question to reboot.


29-Nov-2006 10:45

Shaun, if Windows worked correctly then closing Cardbox before upgrading it would indeed be enough to ensure an upgrade without reboots. (If you are upgrading a copy of Cardbox held on a file server, you have to close Cardbox on every workstation that was using it).

With "real, existing Windows" there is a problem, as Bert has pointed out. I've added a page to the Cardbox knowledge base that discusses possible reasons for the reboot and suggests ways in which it might be avoided:


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