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Sending SMS macro

Macro that allows you to send a SMS message to a mobile phone. The mobile number is stored in the "MOBILE" field.

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Paul Irvine

20-Apr-2005 08:48

Below is a macro that allows you to send a SMS message to a mobile phone.
The SMS service is operated by CWCS (www.cwcs.co.uk). The setup cost is £20+VAT and messages cost 9p each.
You should contact Karl Mendez (kmendez@cwcs.co.uk) for more information.

m=InputBox("Enter a message to send")
if Len(m)>160 then
  MsgBox("Message too long. Maximum length is 160 characters")
end if
' All UK mobile start with 07, so replace with country code 44
if Left(mob,2)="07" then
end if
mob=Replace(mob," ","") ' strip spaces
' package msg for SMS server
msg="accountname goes here"+vbCR
msg=msg+"password goes here"+vbCR
msg=msg+"from information goes here"+vbCR
msg=msg+"ref number goes here"+vbCR
' connect to SMS server and post packaged message
Set obj=Connection
obj.Connect "georgia.clearscene-ns.net", 8006
obj.WriteLine msg


23-Nov-2007 13:36



30-Nov-2011 09:05

Sms me on +923002134783

Charles Welling

30-Nov-2011 09:58

Everybody, please note that "Khurram" attached this message to a very old posting by Paul Irvine, where Paul gives us exactly this macro.

Somehow I believe that Khurram is trying to get some money out of this by receiving paid sms's.

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