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Printing 2 Database records with a pushbutton

Macro to allow you to print 2 database records both containing a unique reference number, via a pushbutton

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6-Oct-2006 10:36

We have 2 separate databases, for example named 1 & 2, and for example say they each had 100 records in each, but the fields in each of the databases contained different information and were named differently, apart from a unique reference number field, which was the same in both databases.

I am trying to create a macro that I can attach to a push button so that when pressed it will print the selected record in 1 of the databases then change to another database and then open a search box to allow us to search for reference number from 1 particular field in the other database and then print

Its very difficult to explain it in writing, so sorry if it makes no sense

Charles Welling

6-Oct-2006 15:43

I believe you're making things unnecessary complicated. Why don't you set up a relational link between the two databases? That would make Cardbox automatically retrieve the right record for you in database 2. You can record the macro that sets up the link, so that's easy. So what your macro has to do is:

set up the link (you can keep this as a seperate macro)
print from database 1
switch to database 2 (= Activate command)
print from database 2 (Cardbox has the right record ready for you thanks to the link)

Give it a try and give us your first draft to see if and where it can be improved.


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