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phone number macros

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6-Oct-2006 03:59

Hey guys! i do not know how to write macros. With that being said, i have about 1600 different phone numbers in this database, and I need to create a macro that will tell me if i have duplicate fields when I enter them. And if there are duplicate fields, i need it to erase the duplicate....

Is there some macro out there that can do this???

thank you SO much for any and all help...

Charles Welling

6-Oct-2006 15:32

There's no macro needed for this. Just read through the "Validation" chapter of the manual en look for the part that deals with the "Unique / Non-unique" terms. You can tell Cardbox that the data in a field must be unique. When you do this no one can enter the same phone number twice.

You can use the Tools, Deduplicate command to search for existing duplicates, which can then be removed.


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