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Test for presence of field

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Charles Welling

25-Sep-2006 06:22

I'd like to know if a field is present in a format before executing some commands in a macro. So far I had to use a loop that goes through all the field definitions of the current format, which is remarkably slow. I tried the following line (and similar ones):

if ActiveWindow.FieldDefinitions.Item("MyField").name="MyField" then ....

which in my opinion should generate some error if "MyField" is NOT present in the current format, but it always returns the correct name even if the field does not exist in that format. It looks as if specifically addressing a field in a Window object "sees" the field even if it's not there (it is in the database though).

Anyone having a bright idea?



25-Sep-2006 08:20

This gives in fieldlist a list of the current fields in a format.
Check with instr if the field you need is in the current format...!

Set d=ActiveWindow.FieldDefinitions
For each fd in d
    fieldlist=fieldlist & "," & fd.Name

fieldlist = mid(fieldlist,2)


25-Sep-2006 08:21

(nice time in above message - it was in this country 10:20...)

Charles Welling

25-Sep-2006 09:08

Thank you for your prompt reply Bert. The time of the message is GMT, but it was sent at GMT+1 (7.22) actually. But yes, I'm an early riser (5.15 AM to be exact).

But as I had already mentioned in my question: I do use a loop as you suggest as well. But in larger formats this loop takes noticeable time to be executed and my question was: does anyone have a solution to test DIRECTLY for the presence of a field, so without any loops.


Paul Irvine

25-Sep-2006 09:31


Try using the FieldDefinition Index property. If the field doesn't exist then the Index value is 0, otherwise it is the index in the FieldDefinitions collection (1 or greater)

if ActiveWindow.FieldDefinitions.Item("MyField").Index<>0 then ....


Charles Welling

25-Sep-2006 10:33

See? I knew there would be somebody out there who'd know the solution. Perfect!
Thanks Paul.


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