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Time out when not active?

User's get disconnected after doing nothing with the database after Appr. 30 Minutes.

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7-Sep-2006 07:04

For some reason when having the database open, but not working in it, users get disconnected after appr. 30 minutes.
Is there a timeout option in the Cardbox Server? (When user not active for ??mins,--> disconnect.)
Or could this be something else that you know of?
Please let me know.



7-Sep-2006 07:28

Check the settings of your firewall...!


Charles Welling

7-Sep-2006 08:26

There is a "disconnect unresponsive clients" option in the control panel of the server, which does exactly what it says. According to the manual however, the Server will always disconnect an unresponsive client as soon as it is notified of the fact the the connection is down. Turning the option on will only speed up this process because the Server will actively search for unresponsive clients.

One of the most common causes of broken network connections is a computer that's "going to sleep". The energy control of your PC may turn off your network card, for instance after 30 minutes, to save energy. Cardbox may see this as a broken connection and disconnect. So, have a look at your energy settings and disallow your PC to turn off your network card.

If that doesn't work, tell your users to keep working.



7-Sep-2006 12:04

Cardbox doesn't have any built-in idle timeout of its own. You can connect to a Cardbox database in the morning, go away for the day, and when you come back your connection will still be there.

Behind the scenes, the Cardbox Server sends a regular "keep alive" message to all connected user clients (every few minutes). This is enough to keep the underlying TCP/IP network connection alive. If the underlying network connection fails then the Server is eventually notified by the network software and can treat the client as having been disconnected. In addition, if you turn on "Disconnect unresponsive clients" then the Server will disconnect if the client hasn't responded to the "keep alive" message within a reasonable time.

As both Bert and Charles say, your problem is likely to be either somewhere in the networking system that is connecting the client to the server, or in the client entering some sort of "standby" or "hibernation" state after not being used for a long time.

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