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Use of Cardbox on other platforms

What platforms have been used to successfully run Cardbox

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10-Aug-2006 23:30

What platforms have people used to run Cardbox?
I know MS Pocket PC is problematic.
Is the a version that runs or a fix to run it on Linux or Mac?


15-Aug-2006 15:01

Cardbox 3.0 runs on Windows 95 and above and Windows NT 4.0 and above (including Windows XP). Pocket PC is not compatible with Windows programs, so Cardbox won't run on it.

I have heard that some people have tried running Cardbox under Wine on Linux with a certain amount of success, but I can't say how difficult or easy they found it.


16-Aug-2006 11:09

I have a colleague, who predominantly uses Mac, and is looking for a proper Database, that can run on Mac but can also work on Win WP.

Has anyone used Cardbox on a Mac, is it actually possible?

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