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date utility

pick dates from a calendar

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Charles Welling

1-Aug-2006 14:21

Using the AutoIt3 script language, I've made two small compiled scripts that can used from a Cardbox macro. They both show an expandable calendar on the screen, one using the short date format and another using the long date format as defined in the regional settings of your PC (control panel).

Anyone can download shortdate.exe and longdate.exe from http://avs.hmr.rotterdam.nl/cardbox.

The selected date is copied to the clipboard where Cardbox can use it to enter it into a field. The basic macro to do this is:

run "X:\Cardbox3\shortdate.exe" 'use your own drive and folder
if ClipBoardText <> "" then 'if you cancel your selection leave the field as it is
end if

Of course you can use it in any other application as well.



1-Aug-2006 16:20


Why I should not use the existing macro commands 'now' or 'date' in combination with 'datetocardbox'?


Charles Welling

2-Aug-2006 13:48

This utility pops up a calendar similar to the one in the agenda of Outlook. This calendar can be browsed using backward and forward buttons so it provides a convenient way to enter not only the "now" date, but any date in both the future and the past (useful for museums!) in a consistent way. No typing required, just click on the date of your choice.
If you know of a way to do this with just of few lines of Cardbox macros or VBscript, please let me know.

Mary Doyle (DAF)

4-Sep-2006 11:58


This is a very handy utility. I have set up a link to it in my Cardbox diary so that I can open it whenever I need to check on dates.

Many thanks.


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