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Searching numbers and letters together

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17-May-2006 09:09

Can anyone advise as to searching multiple address's for example
1 the high street nw1 2be.

I have tried "1 the High Street Nw1 2be" and on occasions just the postcodes. The cardbox book does not deal with searches numbers and letters together and the Match entire field as one unit option does not allow me to drop in a list of address's.

Any ideas most welcome



Mary Doyle (DAF)

17-May-2006 09:34


Try using the Data Search instead of the straight Select command
e.g. Search - Data - Select nw1

The Data menu is a submenu of the Search menu. See Page 90 in the manual.


Charles Welling

17-May-2006 14:20

Peter, are you sure this doesn't work? Searching for words and numbers together works fine, even in an index search. Just to make sure, I entered your "1 the High Street Nw1 2be" in one of my databases, and I could retrieve the record simply by searching for that phrase. No problems there.

Regards, Charles

Mary Doyle (DAF)

17-May-2006 15:35


You are quite right - searching for a letter/number or number/letter combination does work with an index search. Even searching for the combination "nw1" without quotes works. I think this was not always the case - probably not with Version 2 or earlier. That was when I got used to using Data Search. I assumed it was still a problem given Peter's request for help. I have also just entered "1 the High Street Nw1 2be", both with and without quotes and both work fine.

Good to know.



17-May-2006 17:08

All databases, designed before Cardbox 3, does index 1a as 1. So you can retrieve those terms with searching 1.
The first position of a string was leading for storing in number index or storing in word index.
You could change this behaviour by a change in the collating sequence. Adding CHECKWHOLETHERM changes the behaviour from checking first position to the whole word. If there is one character in a string, always the word index is used. 1A is then stored in the word index.

In Cardbox 3 default checkwholeterm is switched on. So databases designed with Card 3 automatically stored 1A in the word index and you could retrieve it by searching 1A.

See also in the help point nr 552.

Bert Stortenbeker


17-May-2006 17:59

If this database was originally created by Cardbox 2.0, then it will retain the rule that "1A" is indexed as the number 1. A database newly created by Cardbox 3.0 will index "1A" as the string "1A".

As Bert says, you can change the indexing rules for your database by editing the native format, using Edit > Collating Sequence > Write to write the collating sequence to a file, adding CHECKWHOLETERM to that file, and using Edit > Collating Sequence > Load to read the modified file back into the native format.

But there is a simpler way to give the default Cardbox 3.0 behaviour to your old 2.0 database. Edit the native format, then use Edit > Collating Sequence > Clear (to default). Save the native format. Finally, use Tools > Management > Rebuild Database to rebuild the index according to the new rules.

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