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Server not running

Installation of Microsoft updates seems to have stopped Cardbox server from running.

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15-May-2006 12:27

I am running a Windows SBS 2003 server with the cardbox server on it. I installed some updates on Friday and since then the Cardbox server will not run. The error message I am getting is:

Could not bind socket to retcode=10048(EADDRinuse). I think it maybe a port issue but am not sure. HAs anybody else had this problem? If I restart the server, ther cardbox server says it is running until you try to access it, then it stops with this error message. Any help would be much appreciated.


16-May-2006 08:51

Once it has started, the Cardbox Server never stops with an EADDRINUSE message. The message only occurs when you are trying to start the Cardbox Server and the Cardbox Server is unable to start.

The Help button on this message goes into quite a lot of detail about the possible causes of EADDRINUSE and it's worth reading the article thoroughly. A misconfigured firewall is one of the possibilities, which sounds likely if the trouble started when Microsoft installed updates on your system.

If you have a current technical support subscription then you can email a description of the problem to support@cardbox.com, quoting the serial number of your copy of Cardbox, and get more specific assistance that way.

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