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Help wanted in testing

We hope we've eliminated an obscure nexus of bugs but we'd like you to test.

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24-Apr-2006 10:55

As macro writers have got more adventurous, some bugs have surfaced that involve playing one macro within another (with or without one of the macros being paused). We've worked hard at this and produced a new revision of Cardbox that appears correct, but we'd like the more expert macro users in this forum to check whether they can still find any bugs in this area.

The new build is Build 4231 and is, as usual, available at http://www.cardbox.com/downloading/updates.htm.

The circumstances in which there used to be problems are the following:

1. Play a macro and pause it. While in the pause, play another macro.
2. Play a macro. That macro plays another macro. That other macro plays yet another macro.
3. Play a macro. That macro plays another macro. That other macro pauses.

There were two main kinds of problems: one of the earlier ("outer") macros did not resume properly after the later ("inner") macro had finished; or Cardbox did not close properly when you closed it (cardbox3.exe was still visible in the Processes list in Task Manager).

As I say, we think we have corrected everything now, and we have tested straightforward examples of each of the architectures mentioned above. But those of you who are doing this kind of thing in real life - please test it for yourselves and report any anomalies.


25-Apr-2006 09:05

option 2 worked well in 4231


25-Apr-2006 17:35

option 1 does also work fine now

option 3 does also work ok. In the nested macro with the pause is can also played another (3rd) macro. No problems. Also starting a macro while the pause is 'active' is no problem.

However, if in a pause a macro is played which contains a pause, then pushed continue, both generated pauses are activated for resuming on and not only the last generated pause.


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