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Importing new references from for instance NCBI or Silver Platter

Importing new references

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Henk Bejo

3-Apr-2006 13:02

Dear Madam, Sir,
Within the research groups of our company we use Cardbox for several purposes, one of them is that we use it as a reference manager.
At the moment we are using the 2.0 version but we are thinking about an upgrade to the newer 3.0 version.
Wat we miss in the 2.0 version is the easy import of references out of other database like Pubmed or Silver Platter or from the sites of specific publications like EMBO journal or The Plant Cell. Now we import everything by copy and paste first in the abstract field and then we copy subject by subject to the right field (e.g. title, authors etc)which takes a lot of time. In other Software packages like Reference Manager or EndNote it is possible to import references very easy just by using the export function from the different publication sites (see for example PNAS: Download to citation manager).
We would like to know whether this is possible with the present version (2.0) we use of CardBox and/ or whether the new version of Cardbox has this feature or is it possible to add this function to the version 3.0?
Thank you for the information.


3-Apr-2006 15:27

Cardbox 3.0 has a powerful macro system that can be used to reformat and import data from various sources. For example, one Cardbox user is currently testing a macro that imports from Dialog.

We'd certainly like to write a macro that you and others can use to import references from external databases, and we'd welcome the chance to cooperate with you on writing and testing that macro.

First of all, we need to narrow down the scope of the project. Can we standardise on one of the file formats, to start with? I note that PNAS lets you download in Endnote, Medlars, Procite and Reference Manager formats. I wonder which of those formats is most commonly used by the other database sources that you mention.

Once we've settled on a format to try out, the next stage would be to email me a sample downloaded file in that format, so that we have something to test the macro against.


3-Apr-2006 18:27

Endnote please.


4-Apr-2006 15:02

Can anyone who is interested please send me a sample download file in Endnote format? I've looked at their manual but it is always better to test against real data.

Mary Doyle

4-Apr-2006 18:57

Hi Martin,

CabDirect (Cab Abstracts) use export formats for the following:
RefWorks, Procite, Reference Manager, EndNote.

I would be inclined to recommend that you write macros for at least 3 of these: Procite, Reference Manager and EndNote. I can send you sample downloads.


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