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Charles Welling

25-Mar-2006 12:30

This is really a question for Cardboss, but the answer is of interest to all of us:

Is there an option of the AddRecipient method to set a BCC?

As far as I can see the values 0 and 2 have the same function (add recipient to TO:) and value 1 sets the CC:
Perhaps it would be possible to make 0, 1 and 2 set TO:, CC: and BCC resp.?



24-Apr-2006 10:58

Charles, I'm puzzled by your question, because the value 0 isn't meant to add the recipient to the TO: list. This value means that the email will be sent to this address but the address will not be included in any list- which is what BCC: does.

I'm going to make the help clearer, but do tell me if you see behaviour that is different from this.


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