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Searching in a particular format

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24-Mar-2006 08:52

I have automated a search where I search for records in a summary format but also have another format from the same database open at the same time. How do I get the macro to search for records in the summary format and not in the other format? I have specified the name of the format in the macro but it still searches for the records in the other format and not the summary one. Is this possible?

Charles Welling

24-Mar-2006 09:31

You could activate the other window from your macro, but this has the disadvantage that it only works correctly if that window always has the same name, i.e. it always has to be window #2 or #3 etc. But are you not making this more complicated than necessary? If both windows show the same database, what's the use of searching in another window? I guess you want to display the summary along with the entire record (or something similar), and you can solve this by linking both windows so that they have the same selection and browse position (with the "SetSameAs" command).
A search will then make both windows display the same records, but in their own format.

If I'm wrong in my guess, please be more specific about what you are trying to do so I (or anyone else) can think this one over once more.


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