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The Cardbox Talk forum has now moved.

0cardboss11-Nov-2019 23:35 by cardboss

Apparently no activity on Forum since las August, until yesterday.

2DavidB10-Nov-2019 23:35 by cardboss

Cardbox Licence

Does the free version need a Licence?

1Batgirl10-Nov-2019 13:41 by bert

Disk space requirements

How much space does Cardbox take up?

1Batgirl10-Nov-2019 13:48 by bert

How do I enlarge my data record page to make it easier to read?

As a consequence of a newly dignosed eye condition I am finding reading my data record page difficult to read. I have tried <Control> + <+> but this has no effect. How can I magnify my data record page (and other aspects of Cardbox) to make reading the screen easier? Thank you.

3Capricornxxxi28-Aug-2018 08:17 by bert


1Charles Welling27-Jul-2018 09:30 by Insidiatore

Changing the order data is entered into fields.

I am using Cardbox to store genealogical data. I recently redesigned my records for each person splitting the field for their forenames into two, one for each name. I have subsequently decided that I need to add a third fore-name field. How do I change the 'tab order' so that the new third fore-name field is selected in its correct sequence?

2Capricornxxxi16-Mar-2018 11:31 by Capricornxxxi

Not recognising format files

I can't seem to load my format files onto Cardbox

19PeterG19-Mar-2018 11:52 by PeterG

Adding boxes

Drawing boxes around fields

3Paul the painter13-Mar-2018 11:19 by stuart

Using "Drive, Folder name and File name" to open data files.

I am a new user of Cardbox. I have adopted it to store the data I am accruing in a one-name study. Is it possible to enter disc drive, path and file names in a Cardbox data (text) field, or do I need to declare the field under a different format?

6Capricornxxxi2-Feb-2018 11:28 by Capricornxxxi

Indexed Words?

3Trebor4-Dec-2017 14:57 by bert

Server 2016 Essentials

New Server requirements

1A4 Plus20-Nov-2017 13:48 by bert

cardbox works with linux and wine, but no macros?

My carbox works not too bad under linux, but however the VB dll is in the system32 file, macros simply do not work

0TB26-Oct-2017 22:35 by TB

cardbox works with linux and wine, but no macros?

My carbox works not too bad under linux, but however the VB dll is in the system32 file, macros simply do not work

1TB26-Oct-2017 23:46 by bert

Turn native format into alternative format

How can you make an alternative format, starting from native format ?

1midnightowl12-Oct-2017 12:52 by midnightowl

Dos Download?

Is a DOS version available

2BrianHughes9-Oct-2017 11:46 by bert

Downloading images

How to download images in high resolution

20Peter155-Mar-2018 21:32 by Peter15

How to convert to UTF-8

I wish to replace my existing BESPOKE ASCII character set (and Collating Sequences) with a UTF-8 based system.

8Chris H4-Sep-2017 11:24 by Charles Welling

format new file

how to set up a new database file so it shows on screen Pref as a table)

3botanist15-Aug-2017 09:56 by bert

Cardbox "Fields" content for searching web sites

When using (in a macro) "http://website/" & Fields ("FieldName") to search a website database, how can I specify to only use say the 1st word/string in "FieldName" not all of them?

1Chris H26-Jul-2017 09:25 by bert

How to create new databases, switch from frm to fmt

I am very new to cardbox and need to know how to move two sets of data to Cardbox for Windows

2eurodrone20-Jul-2017 15:43 by bert

Importing PDF - Cardbox 3 & Cardbox Server

Can you import PDFs as images when using Cardbox Server?

2batnip12-Jun-2017 17:17 by batnip


Does Cardbox have an API?

3Registered31-May-2017 23:39 by bert

Creators update

Problems after Windows Creators update

11Susan28-May-2017 14:39 by Susan

Search for multi word (UK Post Code)

3Seeker19-Apr-2017 17:19 by Seeker

Possible Invalid Date Input

1orthinologist18-Apr-2017 15:22 by bert

Convert Cardbox to Webversion

Assistance needed in Edinburgh

2Club Librarian24-Mar-2017 16:58 by Egbert

Run Time Error '9'

Subscript Out of Range

1A4 Plus15-Mar-2017 00:27 by bert

Does Cardbox support non-Latin characters?

2AlexC11-Mar-2017 21:25 by AlexC

Sending format file by email

5Dragonlady10-Mar-2017 19:56 by Dragonlady

Windows 10 64bit compatibility

Does Cardbox 3.1 work in Windows 10 64bit

2DruryC2-Mar-2017 10:37 by bulldozer

Converting home PC Cardbox databases to be WEB-based

3Chris H3-Mar-2017 16:52 by bert

Convert card box database

From card box 1.0 to latest version

8Luupski4-Jan-2017 21:09 by Luupski

Retrieving 'lost / corrupted' Cardbox Master Profile passwords

I have just changed my master-profile passwords on two databases to be the same for both. One does not now work.

4Chris H16-Aug-2016 13:16 by Charles Welling

Export all data

Messed up csv files

1ove28-Jul-2016 23:58 by bert

Input, using the TAB key

How to correct the input sequence

1Emily The Sweep25-Jul-2016 19:21 by bert

Windows 7 Cardbox 2

Problems Installing

8Jim Liddane25-Jul-2016 10:38 by Mary Doyle

Multiple user problem

Initial user see toolbars, others signing in to shared drive do not

2TJ4-May-2016 17:11 by TJ

How to search forum

Search brings up relevant topics, but clicking on them doesn't take one to the topic.

1Seeker26-Apr-2016 14:20 by bert

Highlight matches

2John Francis24-Apr-2016 14:15 by John Francis

Specify field conversion

4kweimer10-Apr-2016 00:04 by kweimer

Automatic numbering w/batch edit?

3kweimer4-Apr-2016 16:44 by kweimer

Using CardBox on PC and Mac

Cardbox on MacBook

4DavidB24-Mar-2016 11:33 by Skyscan

No Cardbox updates anymore?

Cardbox Software Limited closes

2herman.cbx9-Mar-2016 11:13 by stuartsimms

No more than one user with server

If a second user tries to open a database they get an error message.

1Seeker2-Mar-2016 16:37 by bert

Sound files

2SteveRoud1-Mar-2016 16:05 by bert

Not authorised to edit format

Need to edit format, but no idea where our Master profile is

2WSM29-Feb-2016 10:52 by WSM


11greenkeeper26-Feb-2016 10:56 by bert



1THEOCTOPUSKID18-Feb-2016 15:27 by bert

Cardbox Linux server - ARM ?

Is there a version of cardbox-server for Linux on ARM processors

1Gordon Wardle2-Feb-2016 18:09 by bert

Number of Users

10greenkeeper8-Feb-2016 16:36 by Egbert

Cardbox server migration - db file is read-only

After a Cardbox server migration users can't modify db and get "the database file is read-only"

1lcraddock18-Jan-2016 11:51 by lcraddock

Numbering records, imported database

2G. Khan7-Jan-2016 12:52 by Kim Hook2

Help needed

Server migration

2SamK11-Dec-2015 08:44 by SamK

Email Format

2greenkeeper28-Nov-2015 09:35 by Charles Welling

Scroll crash

Fast scroling with the PageDown of PageUp key through my database with pictures causes a crash

2herman.cbx7-Oct-2015 10:37 by herman.cbx


Internal Error Code 5 Message

3DavidB13-Sep-2015 18:32 by bert

Tools - Options Copy

Option to copy text when not editing appears to be missing

1Mary Doyle2-Sep-2015 22:55 by Mary Doyle


Using the Search facility with Cardbox 3

1Yate Heritage13-Aug-2015 16:25 by bert

Cardbox and Windows 10

Experiences using Cardbox and Windows 10

17bert28-Jan-2016 10:39 by malcolmg

Problems with Format file

One aspect of a format file no longer working

5THEOCTOPUSKID3-Aug-2015 14:20 by bert

Sharing .fmt file

Can separate .fil data files be used with one common .fmt file?

3greenkeeper4-Aug-2015 10:53 by Charles Welling

Passworded file

2DavidB3-Aug-2015 09:58 by bert

Cardbox Mobile Phone App

Cardbox mobile phone app

4Roger S7-Jul-2016 18:59 by bert

Compatible marketing software?

Does anyone use compatible bulk emailing/marketing software?

6Tina16-Jun-2015 14:26 by bert

Cardbox in the Cloud

Moving a Cardbox database and access to the Cloud

3THEOCTOPUSKID18-Jun-2015 16:02 by bert

Problem with upgrade of cardserver from 3.0 to 3.1

Problem with Upgrade of server from 3.0 to 3.1

4LSECardbox5-Jun-2015 12:00 by Charles Welling

Help Please

13Raasay14-Jun-2015 15:14 by bert

Server gives error message

Could not bind socket to

5Seeker1-May-2015 23:59 by bert

Indexing Problem

Problems with indexing keywords

2Matt SH10-Apr-2015 11:53 by Matt SH

Exporting template as a PDF

Is it possible to create a PDF from Cardbox

1greenkeeper7-Apr-2015 09:36 by bert

Cardbox updates

Can we expect a Cardbox update in the future?

1herman.cbx18-Mar-2015 16:03 by bert

Labels suddenly acting strangely

Suddenly, print preview will only show the four labels on screen, yet render OK on edit screen

2cristoayre11-Mar-2015 15:34 by bert

Scrolling through 1 line records

Is it possible to scroll through the records with a record in 1 line

5herman.cbx5-Mar-2015 11:44 by Mary Doyle

Second image field

With the F12 key the second image field is not always visible

2herman.cbx5-Mar-2015 09:28 by herman.cbx

Can database only exist within program folder

Can databases exist outside of Cardbox program folder

3cristoayre14-Feb-2015 10:35 by bert

Copying to Clipboard - missing option

1West Sussex Knowledge10-Feb-2015 16:34 by bert

Are Formats / Windows the same thing?

When you change view, are you (programatically speaking) swithcing to a new window?

23cristoayre12-Feb-2015 15:28 by bert


Cardbox Serial No & Registration

3DavidB10-Feb-2015 08:35 by bert

Start a VBScript when Cardbox launches

Starting a script that runs continuously in the background whilst Cardbox runs, (and shuts down when Cardbox closed)

3cristoayre6-Feb-2015 20:59 by bert

Kept Selection

Unable to find kept selection

1TJ5-Feb-2015 13:26 by bert

First macro: Await user input on search

How to pause a search, and await user to input value

3cristoayre4-Feb-2015 19:03 by cristoayre

fuzzy matching

Possible bug in fuzzy matching.

2Charles Welling26-Jan-2015 08:48 by Charles Welling

Server Problems

(problems connecting to server)

1PeterD22-Dec-2014 23:59 by bert

PhotoArchive with local storage

Using PhotoArchive with local storage or NAS

5frh15-Dec-2014 22:41 by bert

Technical preview Windows 10

Just did a light test with Cardbox in the Technical Preview of Windows 10

0bert10-Dec-2014 09:57 by bert

Searching the Forum

Results of Forum Search doesn't take you to thread

0Davidpaul1-Dec-2014 10:51 by Davidpaul

Merge Blocks

Use of Merge Blocks

3Davidpaul1-Dec-2014 11:23 by bert

Passwording a file

I need to password a file in a separate workspace

1DavidB28-Oct-2014 08:07 by bert

Increase of Field Value

Can I increase the values of a particular field across my whole record collection

3greenkeeper15-Oct-2014 17:15 by bert


0Denny28-Sep-2014 22:50 by Denny

Cardbox build 4408

I updated Cardbox, but what is new?

2herman.cbx7-Jul-2014 18:44 by bert

Error Message When Trying to Open a .fil

9PeterD30-Jun-2014 19:06 by Keith1

While saving this record, Cardbox has run out of memory

While saving this record, Cardbox has run out of memory (or the memory is corrupted). The record has not been saved.

2Puch9-May-2014 09:37 by Puch

Macro Manager Password on Cardbox 2.0

The Password for macro manager is no longer being accepted

2RobNaylor6-May-2014 12:22 by RobNaylor

collating sequence

small bug in collating table

11Charles Welling24-Nov-2014 13:19 by bert

Cardbox Server keeps closing down

I have Cardbox Server running as a service and it keeps closing down when my users try to log on

1CIL5-Mar-2014 10:26 by bert

Templates in Cardbox for DOS - how to access in Cardbox 3.1 (Windows)

2joanna5-Mar-2014 09:08 by joanna

A Macro to attach attchments to outgoing Email / Drop and Image into the Email

1James26-Feb-2014 21:20 by bert


quiz mode

2Novice126-Feb-2014 09:00 by Novice1

Adding word list to cardbox

How to

3Novice120-Feb-2014 03:23 by Novice1

Cardbox 3.0

I have inherited the admnistration of a Cardbox 3.0 database with no manual and little technical knowledge. Is there an easy way to do a back up?

2Club Librarian14-Feb-2014 11:18 by Club Librarian

search Problem

Drop down list works, but "Search" and "Search also" on this field don't work correctly -> message : there are no records in the current selection

7Ecolo22-May-2015 17:32 by bert

Files On Server

Only some files are accessible by other users on network

3greenkeeper27-Jan-2014 09:33 by bert

read only data

1vincent1716-Dec-2013 18:16 by bert

Server refusing connection

3West Sussex Knowledge19-Feb-2014 09:14 by bert

Non-image files

Can't create new image fields

9Nick16-Jan-2014 10:22 by bert

Sum of a Field

Addition of values in a particular field, Is it possible?

1OLIVERETOE22-Nov-2013 11:17 by bert

Adding multiple index-terms from a drop-down/pick-list

2Hendrikus15-Oct-2013 14:14 by Charles Welling

Does Cardbox Utilise multicore processors?

1Randomisation1-Oct-2013 21:55 by bert

Database file has a different password from the format file

2JCaira29-Aug-2013 08:20 by JCaira

Cardbox in the Cloud

Does the Cloud include clouds like Dropbox and Skydrive?

4Seeker31-Aug-2013 22:39 by Peter15

Cardbox 3.1

Has anyone upgraded to 3.1 yet. Is it a simple process

10CIL16-Sep-2013 10:17 by bert

Adding text to fields

I have an issue with adding text to text fields, any ideas

2CIL31-Jul-2013 12:11 by CIL

automatic numbering

How can the automatic numbering renumber again from 1

2herman.cbx18-Jul-2013 09:50 by herman.cbx

Cardbox for dos just died! Help what should I do now?

2Alia352-Jul-2013 13:53 by bert

Editing Check box


3David-sussex8-Jun-2013 09:42 by David-sussex


Set UTF-8 as default for Cardbox?

3Charles Welling20-May-2013 11:41 by Christopher Spry

Cardbox App for Android Phones

Worldwide Need for Cardbox App on Android phones.

1Birchwind16-May-2013 19:17 by bert

Cardbox Server on Linux

I cannot start my cardbox server installed on Linux.

1pge30-Apr-2013 10:12 by Raymond Westerik

Crossover - Cardbox licence issue

How do I enter licence, please?

5Presenter4-Apr-2013 15:55 by Presenter

Cardbox 3.1 in Windows 8

1mike00125-Mar-2013 23:18 by bert

need professional help with problems

I can't access my .FMT files and can'tread my .FIL files

9Margaret J29-Mar-2013 18:36 by Juan

promote alternative format to native

Is it possible to promote alternative format to native?

5herman.cbx21-Mar-2013 09:41 by stuartsimms

Read-only in Windows 8

Cardbox database in read-only mode in Windows 8

7herman.cbx20-Mar-2013 16:52 by mike001

printing to dot matrix printers & form feed

3daftbean13-Aug-2013 12:24 by mariyagomes

"Could not bind socket"

1RLC24-Feb-2013 19:35 by bert

Creating a Server/Networking Cardbox

How to create a server

1PeterG2-Feb-2013 09:33 by Charles Welling

Need to learn about cardbox

1wo28-Jan-2013 13:23 by bert

Read location of photo and insert thumbnail

2Foster25-Jan-2013 10:58 by Foster

Split macro for bulk picture import

command Special > Split Film

2Foster23-Jan-2013 11:43 by Foster

multi or few fields

2hihosland17-Jan-2013 21:16 by hihosland

Problem with copying format file

Copying format files

0PeterG10-Jan-2013 17:49 by PeterG


How to create

12David-sussex10-Feb-2014 10:08 by bert

Update to Amazon Lookup Macro

4draeca13-Nov-2013 19:10 by bert

Using a field twice in an alternate format

2RLC30-Dec-2012 11:11 by RLC

Portable Apps

Cardbox as a Portable App?

14Charles Welling30-Mar-2014 21:34 by Juan

Problem new verson 3.1: second user can't modify or creat new records

Read only database problem with supplement users with the licence free version 3.1

4Ecolo9-Dec-2012 10:06 by bert



1margaret30-Nov-2012 12:22 by Charles Welling

Virtual machines

1lee29-Nov-2012 16:50 by bert


2RLC17-Nov-2012 09:24 by Jelly Belly

moving cardbox 2.0 to new computer

4RLC16-Nov-2012 15:18 by bert

Loading Images

2James13-Nov-2012 09:05 by James

Microsoft SyncToy

Syncronising Cardbox Fil files.

3Juan27-Sep-2012 08:26 by Juan

Access code

CB asking for Access Code when trying to add password

7Helen4-Oct-2012 12:27 by Helen

Cardbox via Internet

1Hendrikus4-Sep-2012 19:41 by bert

Moving a format and database

14Hendrikus3-Sep-2012 21:15 by Hendrikus

Qunatum Leap (18 years)

CPM/+ 8bit Amstrad

12PerryNZ12-Sep-2012 07:38 by PerryNZ

DOS Version Error Code 7

Using Cardbox Plus and got it's first corruption in 10 years.

9drawbridgep6-Oct-2012 20:59 by RodB

Search menu only

4sonita7-Jul-2012 15:38 by bert

Duplicate records on a Search

Searching on an indexed term and having duplicate records

29PeterG21-Sep-2012 15:28 by PeterG

Non images - can't enable feature

2sonita2-Jul-2012 11:08 by sonita

Kitchens Sale Leeds

2angelina21-Jun-2012 15:16 by bert

problems loading non-images with Carbox 3.1

3Jaume11-May-2012 23:06 by cardboss


12Juan11-May-2012 18:55 by Juan

Cataloguing and managing a 35 mm slide collection

3Glyn40611-May-2012 09:08 by Charles Welling



5Jayd10-May-2012 20:04 by Charles Welling

Reports with totals

2elder767-May-2012 14:34 by elder76

Sorting doesn't seem to work

I'm trying to sort by title the records of the pictures I upload to my photos Web site. The results are random whatever I do.

2RogerGW18-Apr-2012 23:18 by RogerGW

A Simple Macro Needs Tweaking

Allowing a macro to make choices?

2JackdaShack16-Apr-2012 18:08 by JackdaShack


retcode 10049(EADDRNOTAVAIL)

1OLIVERETOE27-Mar-2012 16:46 by bert

Need to move Cardbox Data

2Simon27-Mar-2012 16:52 by bert

Merging Cardbox Databases

1Juan26-Mar-2012 21:22 by bert

Unable to Open Device...

Get this message when trying to open a Cardbox database on a network share

0ljd200214-Mar-2012 12:13 by ljd2002

Emails getting blocked by Server??

Our Cardbox is located on a Local Authority server to which we do not have access. When we send emails from our database, any addresses that are not 'internal' do not get through.

4Helen17-Apr-2012 10:47 by Helen

moving date from Memory stick to hard drive

want to move cardbox data from a memory stick onto my hard drive

3Simon3-Feb-2012 18:12 by Juan

Need sample club database

I am new to Cardbox. My use case is a club database (volunteer organization) would love to get a sample to get started

4rjeffries2-Feb-2012 13:54 by Mary Doyle

Moving Data - Help!

4greenkeeper20-Dec-2011 11:14 by greenkeeper

Cardbox Server problems

Our Cardbox server goes to 99% workload in taskmanager, and cannot be accessed by clients

2NoldusBV9-Dec-2011 10:24 by NoldusBV

can you use cardbox on a tablet/ mini laptop?

7oily29-Aug-2013 13:37 by cardboss

Import data

From Acces database or Excel/*csv file

13Germán19-Dec-2011 09:26 by Germán

Import data from outlook/access template database

Automatic creation og new cards in a cardbox database with data from an access database provided by an outlool template

10Germán20-Dec-2011 17:29 by bert

Export Images

Can Images be exported out of Cardbox

5aideenc2-Dec-2011 13:15 by bert


5mstcdc6-Oct-2011 08:40 by mstcdc

Search Issues

Changes the Index options, but searching does not work unless I retype the names.

3Voices4Wellbeing9-Sep-2011 10:43 by Voices4Wellbeing

Installing Cardbox 3.0

OK button is greyed out when entering the serial number and signature

3Omar18-Jun-2016 09:26 by bert

Signature/Licence Issue

The server does not remember the signature.

2DavidIlks3-Aug-2011 13:06 by DavidIlks

Email alerts

not being received

3JayCee28-Jul-2011 16:20 by JayCee


Transfer of database created in Cardbox 1.0 to 3.0 HE has left me with a lagging cursor in most of my indexable fields.

4Jazzer29-Jul-2011 11:37 by Jazzer

loading images into record ( cardbox running under WINE in Linux )

Cannot load images into image field of new record.

4mos5-Jun-2011 15:49 by mos

Inmagic / DBTextWorks

Transferring records from Inmagic / DBTextWorks

1Mary Doyle (DAF)11-May-2011 16:47 by Mary Doyle (DAF)

Cardbox Version 3 on Networked computers using Windows 7

4Dean Jackson16-May-2011 13:25 by bert

Saving when sorted

16JayCee28-Jul-2011 16:18 by JayCee

Parameter is incorrect

Trying to send bulk emails comes up with paramter is incorrect.

3Nickc10815-Apr-2011 12:26 by Nickc108

Macros in Windows 7

1databaseuser5-Apr-2011 16:04 by bert


when i am searching my records... certain fields are not being picked up?

1OLIVERETOE23-Mar-2011 12:52 by bert

printing problem

hp wirless printer wont print all of a sudden

9Jonnydollars14-Jan-2011 19:32 by bert

cardbox server ons microsoft home server

3Ferdinand10-Jan-2011 23:54 by bert

Special Field Captions

Is there a full list of Special Captions?

8RodB14-Mar-2012 16:16 by Charles Welling

Clipboard / Paste often stops until I close Cardbox and re-open

I have been getting this annoying issue more and more it seems. I copy an image or text either locally or on line from an auction and it will not paste into Cardbox if this is nn'th time. It will paste into any other suitable program still.

6DCatHome15-Dec-2010 14:18 by DCatHome

Binding error (eaddrnotavail)

My network hub has had its settings changed and now I can't get Cardbox server to load on its usual computer

2Paul Ginsberg13-Dec-2010 18:19 by Paul Ginsberg

Cardbox on Apple with CrossOver

Downloading of trial version Cardbox PE went well. CrossOver icon appeared in front of the instcbox.exe. Nothing happens after running the exe file, except for a brief animation of a split second.

1Saskia Leefsma25-Feb-2011 14:08

Cardbox thesaurus

4Jeanine Willo12-Nov-2010 16:09 by Iuliana

Problems With Licensing

Unable to use Cardbox on other machines

1Voices4Wellbeing12-Nov-2010 08:51 by Juan

bold text

4Ferdinand27-Oct-2010 11:24 by Mary Doyle (DAF)

Typing into a text field.

Erratic and unworkable behaviour from cardbox when I try to type.

10Voices4Wellbeing18-Nov-2011 11:04 by cardboss

Using Database on my PC

7oily26-Sep-2010 22:18 by Juan

Accessing Database On Other PC's

Unable to locate server/database from other PC's.

5Voices4Wellbeing18-Oct-2010 12:25 by bert

Automatic numbering

4langner31-Aug-2010 11:47 by Charles Welling

Upgrade from v. 2 to 3 on W7

Tried to load the new CD on to the new W7 notebook but 'set licence' remains greyed out after entering details & lack of help ??? to guide!

1BDM25-Aug-2010 14:17 by cardboss


Problem to acces databases on database.cardbox.net

1DLROI5-Aug-2010 22:59 by bert

DOS Cardbox circa 1986

Convert to Cardbox 3.0 for Windows

3BlueNose181230-Jul-2010 17:25 by cardboss

Line spacing when printing

Problem when printing data from a Cardbox file onto a pre-printed form

4John Francis28-Jul-2010 12:22 by Charles Welling

Recovering extra text from an old database

2Ritchie8-Jun-2010 08:31 by bert

Search from a web interface

Announcing a new release for CardWeb - version 1.30

3Egbert10-Feb-2016 15:56 by Egbert

FIL ICON in Windows 7

1gematik9-May-2010 22:52 by Ritchie


7Juan8-Jun-2010 13:14 by Juan

Installing Cardbox on a windows 7 machine

Problems with installing Cardbox

0Diony13-Mar-2010 22:01 by Diony

Default Entry - Radio Box

Can't see how to set a default radio box in field properties

5DCatHome5-Mar-2010 20:39 by DCatHome

Index field access

Accessing an indexable field in one database from another.

9Jonny19-Feb-2010 10:00 by Jonny

Backup to C:

3databaseuser9-Feb-2010 16:51 by bert

Cardbox to SQL

Data migration from Cardbox to SQL

2Ian T4-Jan-2017 21:21 by Luupski

My best wishes to everyone celebrating Christmas

0Juan29-Dec-2009 14:55 by Juan

Drop down menu too long!

1Helen30-Nov-2009 13:25 by Helen

Formatting issue.

"Field overlap" error on saving format, even though no fields overlap???

2Jonny25-Nov-2009 19:51 by Jonny

Naming images within a Cardbox field

3Juan25-Nov-2009 11:56 by Juan

E-mailing a Non image File using a SMTP server.

When I attach a Non image file to my e-mail Macro it is received as a JPG attachment

4Jelly Belly16-Nov-2009 09:54 by Charles Welling

missing data from cardbox when updating records

changed record data not appearing after updating cardbox records after closing cardbox

2booookman15-Nov-2009 00:30 by bert

Cardbox 3.0 How do I make a number like 4421 increase by 1 automatically?

How do I make a number like 4421 increase by 1 automatically in Cardbox3?

1IHSsharon12-Nov-2009 10:09 by bert

Using old old cardbox version (last modified 1986) on XP

1robin27-Oct-2009 20:41 by bert

Sharing Databases across 2 PC's

I'm unable to open the same database on two machines at the same time.

8Kipper260928-Oct-2009 16:36 by bert

Loading Non Image files

22Juan4-Nov-2009 11:57 by Charles Welling

Importing a Database

Importing data from one cardbox database to another.

2Voices4Wellbeing7-Sep-2009 12:56 by Voices4Wellbeing

emailing a record

2tara7-Jul-2009 15:31 by SJSeager


Recommended backup procedure

10Juan16-Jul-2009 15:13 by Mags

Exclude Blank Fields in a Search

How can I perform a search to exclude blank fields

3fastank10-Jun-2009 09:22 by Mary Doyle (DAF)

merging to labels

7oily8-Jun-2009 21:57 by oily

Circulation function

Automation of circulation function

3Lydia20-May-2009 19:04 by Iuliana

Moving between Formats

1databaseuser11-May-2009 14:55 by bert

Drop down calendars


17databaseuser6-Aug-2015 12:33 by bert

New build

4Juan20-Apr-2009 17:39 by Juan

copying data old version cardbox to excel

7xandra28-May-2010 07:37 by Stevesuk

Cardbox 2.0 & Vista

Cardbox 2 clobbered Vista

0Alan Porter6-Apr-2009 15:30 by Alan Porter

importing data from Excel

Can I import data from an excel field into Cardbox field containing Radio buttons or Check boxes.

4Helen26-Mar-2009 13:10 by Helen

Searching locations

0SHopkin11-Mar-2009 13:34 by SHopkin

Cardbox & MS Outlook

Can Cardbox work with MS Outlook's calendar ?

7SHopkin23-Mar-2009 21:34 by cardboss

Printing blank pages

New printer doesn't work!

4Robin Lee12-Mar-2009 14:13 by Robin Lee


Importing PDF files as images using Ghostscript

2dabrennen27-Feb-2009 23:46 by Juan

New command line has appeared

3Juan27-Feb-2009 23:41 by Juan


Keeping sequence after file is closed

5Juan23-Feb-2009 15:44 by Juan

Editing file

Edit facility no longer available

5Juan20-Feb-2009 18:10 by Juan

Drop Down Lists

How do I seperate my data

3tkb81814-Feb-2009 16:50 by tkb818

Exporting an Object

7Amélie3-Feb-2009 14:43 by Charles Welling

help please building a new database!

I need someone to build me a database!

12Moreno4-Mar-2009 13:43 by Moreno

Is it possible to select all empty fields?

1Kaspalita22-Jan-2009 14:18 by bert

Importing PDF with new build

4Juan22-Jan-2009 21:00 by Juan

Importing text into cardbox

Can we impot text from word into Cardbox

6Alpha19-Jan-2009 12:43 by Charles Welling

Exporting Records

Is there a simple way to export a Cardbox record into any other format other than Notepad?

7Alpha8-Jan-2009 14:40 by Alpha

Help required! Moving from Cardbox ver 1.1.02 to ver 3

We want to move all our Cardbox 1.1.02 data from Win95 pc to a new XP PC running Cardbox ver3...Need Macro help too

7Craig3-Jan-2009 09:52 by Juan


Cardbox client build 4272

3Diony3-Jan-2009 09:43 by Juan

Deselecting a Radio Button

3Voices4Wellbeing23-Dec-2008 11:39 by Voices4Wellbeing

Cut and Paste

1Juan17-Dec-2008 18:03 by Juan

Importing PDF Files

12Juan6-Jan-2009 17:37 by Juan

use of cardbox 3.0 to create an archive catalogue

1LCM Archivist8-Dec-2008 12:40 by bert

Unable to edit a Database

I am unable to edit a Database and wondered why

3Alpha20-Nov-2008 17:17 by Iuliana

Macros won't run

Lost ability to run all existing macros

2John Francis11-Nov-2008 12:48 by John Francis

Win 16 Subsystem Problem

2Jim20-Oct-2008 09:22 by Jim

Signature on installation

Where to obtain the signature code

1JayCee18-Oct-2008 21:48 by bert

Deleting Databases

How to delete a database

5JayCee18-Oct-2008 16:26 by JayCee

Missing Macro Record, Play buttons

We are running Cardbox build 4269 and one of our users has lost the ability to record macros

2Alpha6-Oct-2008 11:30 by Alpha

Macro for manipulating 'large' number of numeric data fields

Seeking a neat macro to calculate large numbers of data within one record

3Chris H6-Oct-2008 11:29 by Chris H

can anyone help, address button problem

does anyone have a solution????
unable to find correct address for each contact

1alicia3-Oct-2008 20:09 by Iuliana

Interface with Gracenote

Has anyone an ideas on the subject, please?

4Presenter18-Oct-2008 14:48 by Presenter

Adding images to Cardbox 3

1Juan9-Sep-2008 05:21 by Charles Welling

Aligning a field

2Hans van der Laan8-Sep-2008 05:17 by Charles Welling


How to export from cardbox

4ruskers21-Aug-2008 10:13 by ruskers

registering Cardbox Server

Not a system admin. .. what options do I have ref. registration of server version if demo version already registered.

0Greg McN14-Aug-2008 13:07 by Greg McN

Help with Validators - creating pick lists

5Bernard B30-Jul-2008 18:40 by Charles Welling

Cardbox mail merge with Word 2003

8dogsbody20-Aug-2008 14:03 by dogsbody

Macro help needed again, so sorry

Please can anyone help with the below

13Alpha3-Jul-2008 10:41 by Egbert

Add link to nerworkfile

I'm not able to add a link to a networkfile

2ABCtje25-Jun-2008 09:20 by ABCtje


5jebattyb2-Jul-2008 12:41 by cardboss

Help with searching Cardbox databases

We store large volumes of data (CV's) and need to find a more efficient way of searching

5SueWarner9-Oct-2008 10:25 by bert

Merging 2 cardbox databases

1cooper27-May-2008 12:25 by Charles Welling



3Slinky11-May-2008 15:01 by Slinky

Help I am a new user

I need help if possible for a simple macro to add figures in a field

16Sossageking10-Apr-2008 14:24 by Sossageking

Macro Programming

This will be a weird one, hopefully someone can help

15Alpha10-Apr-2008 09:59 by Mary Doyle (DAF)

Create a Hyperlink to a folder on a server

I am looking for help on how to create a hyperlink in a cardbox field, so that when played it opens up a folder on our companies server

3Alpha26-Mar-2008 09:56 by Alpha

Macro Programming

Printer Macro for Virtual Printer

6Alpha26-Mar-2008 20:10 by Charles Welling

Dialing a Telephone Nr of a Field

In version 3.0 has anyone written a telephone dialing macro. I have no mastery over VB macros.

1Satigny25-Mar-2008 14:19 by Charles Welling

Using MARC with Cardbox

0Friars Library20-Mar-2008 12:32 by Friars Library

Timers on Cardbox

I am looking to install a timer on Cardbox 3.0 to flag up entries which haven't been checked for a certain amount of time

11dstel10-Nov-2009 10:06 by Helen


Help needed re comparing data

1Peter6-Feb-2008 21:14 by bert



0kartheek21-Dec-2007 10:30 by kartheek

Running Cardbox 2 (16bit) on a multiprocessor Windows 2003 server.

3Paul-F30-Oct-2007 14:49 by Charles Welling

linking to local files

How do you link to local files

17noldus20-Mar-2008 01:06 by R. Woodhouse

cardbox exporting data

Can anyone help with exporting data from a database onto cardbox file of my own? thanks

1shiona13-Aug-2007 15:01 by cardboss

Conection refused to cardbox server (no firewall running....)

1Gareth17-May-2007 14:48 by Gareth

Cardbox Licence Error

Server joined to new domain and cardbox has stopped working.

1TriumphSupport28-Apr-2007 08:52 by Charles Welling

Differences between Cardbox 3.0 and Access 2007

3Michael21-Apr-2007 19:07 by Charles Welling


Importing UNIMARC

0DLROI23-Mar-2007 11:27 by DLROI

running Cardbox on intel Mac using Parallels and XP

1Michael2-Feb-2007 13:47 by cardboss

Cardbox 2.0 and XP

1.Mark30-Jan-2007 13:29 by cardboss

Unable to Record Macros

4zzzzak27-Jan-2007 10:13 by Alex Maines

Object fields and link file names

From a object field linking to an excell file or pdf...

1Michael18-Dec-2006 15:20 by cardboss

Image file limitations solved!

If you share my frustration at not being able to have more than one image field then this alternative may be of use....

5Michael15-Dec-2006 12:35 by Michael

Boot after setup of new build Cardbox Client

After install a new build of Cardbox Client, mostly Windows want to reboot your machine

3bert29-Nov-2006 10:45 by cardboss

Time out when not active?

User's get disconnected after doing nothing with the database after Appr. 30 Minutes.

3NoldusBV7-Sep-2006 12:04 by cardboss

Use of Cardbox on other platforms

What platforms have been used to successfully run Cardbox

2Buchy16-Aug-2006 11:09 by Buchy

Read Only Access

0sausy26-Jun-2006 17:07 by sausy

Moving Cardbox records

2qebesenuef200313-Jul-2007 10:20 by Muddyfunster


Searching numbers and letters together

5Peter17-May-2006 17:59 by cardboss

Server not running

Installation of Microsoft updates seems to have stopped Cardbox server from running.

1jcook16-May-2006 08:51 by cardboss

Importing new references from for instance NCBI or Silver Platter

Importing new references

4Henk Bejo4-Apr-2006 18:57 by Mary Doyle

Hours and Minutes Arithmetic

How do I put hours and minutes into a field in order to sum a selection of records?

2Alan Mason22-Mar-2006 21:03 by bert

.pdf files appear as default in Cardbox

emailed .pdf files when clicked in Outlook by default are opened in Cardbox not Acrobat Reader but of course fail as cardbox does not recognise file type.

5andrewnort20-Mar-2006 15:46 by andrewnort

New e-mail feature

Virus scanners and Cardbox e-mail

2Charles Welling17-Mar-2006 12:27 by Charles Welling

Images disapear...

draging images in my database, they are not saved?

1TB16-Mar-2006 07:48 by Charles Welling

Importing from Medline etc

Is anyone using Cardbox to store downloaded abstracts from online services?

5cardboss15-Feb-2006 15:53 by Egbert

Cardbox for email archives

Discussion of the use of Cardbox to archive emails

13cardboss24-Jan-2006 22:27 by bert

New feature: assign a macro to save button.

2Charles Welling15-Jan-2006 20:01 by Charles Welling

cardbox in pocket pc

running cardbox3 on a pocket pc possible.

6Ferdinand16-Jan-2006 12:45 by Paul Irvine

Moving Cardbox to New Computer..

how to move program and data from one pc to a new one..

8dercoss13-Jan-2006 10:14 by dercoss

winfax problem

winfax problem

1Ferdinand4-Jan-2006 22:31 by Alex Maines

Access denied error

2jeremydetheridge13-Mar-2011 12:35 by Helen Scotland

Vertical browse bars within fields

1Bernard23-Nov-2005 13:52 by cardboss

Scanning with Cardbox

Can anyone recommend a good multi-sheet scanner they know works well with Cardbox?

0batnip18-Nov-2005 16:45 by batnip

databases on password protected folders

Does someone have a solution?
cardbox not accessing password protected folders.

5amidatrust1-Nov-2005 14:46 by amidatrust

Help with head and detail design

Do someone know how to manage this trouble

3Betto6-Dec-2005 14:50 by drawbridgep

Place of cardbox user files

Not so happy with place of cardbox user files

3amidatrust10-Oct-2005 19:40 by Charles Welling

XML import in Cardbox 3

6Marcel Kelfkens6-Oct-2005 09:53 by cardboss

Cardbox 2.0 in a Cirix environment ?

Does anyone have experience running cardbox 2.0 in a Citrix environment

1sorenpthomsen28-Sep-2005 19:04 by Charles Welling

Date Field

Automatic date update on change of a record

1Max27-Sep-2005 10:51 by Charles Welling

Cardbox 4200 Help ?

Cardbox prof 4200 on a shared directory , doesn't show the help

5Diony25-Jul-2005 07:47 by cardboss

The new Cardbox Talk forum

The Cardbox Talk forum is a replacement for the Cardbox Talk discussion list that was previously hosted by Topica.

0cardboss21-Jun-2005 10:47 by cardboss

Cardbox 3.0 license not working properly??

I used a shared license key on a networkshare installation, and it seemed to be working ....

6j.kalf31-May-2005 10:07 by cardboss
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