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0cardboss11-Nov-2019 23:35 by cardboss

in edit mode jump back to field after saving

Has anyone an idea how to make a macro that remembers the field that you just left after saving

3herman.cbx23-Dec-2017 12:10 by Charles Welling

loop problems

the macro loop for two linked databases will stop, when a keyword is missing

2herman.cbx21-Jun-2017 13:21 by herman.cbx

nested macros

how to make a macro that executes two or three macros ?

1TB2-May-2016 16:29 by bert

Calculating elapsed workdays

How to duplicate Excel's NETWORKDAYS in Cardbox macros

2West Sussex Knowledge6-Apr-2016 13:12 by West Sussex Knowledge

Help writing Macro

Create new sheets based on unique names

2SammyJane4-Mar-2016 13:31 by SammyJane

variable folders

opening a folder with variable name

9greenkeeper27-Jan-2016 13:38 by greenkeeper

Missing a image field on export

Images.Count does not recognise all the image fields in a record

5Dreckers20-Jan-2016 15:35 by bert

Macro to use a cell value to know how many rolls to copy from another worksheet

Macro to use a cell value to know how many rolls to copy from another worksheet

1cajunman6427-Dec-2015 10:27 by bert

Automatic addition of two field output into a third field

Automatic addition of two field output into a third field

19greenkeeper20-Nov-2015 10:24 by greenkeeper


fault # 80040155

1Historisch Genootschap15-Nov-2015 18:09 by bert

postcode macro across multiple records

14greenkeeper29-Oct-2015 13:19 by greenkeeper

Cardbox Server

IT Department cannot get the server version working ?

4Llewellyn24-Sep-2015 21:48 by Llewellyn

Display SelectionLevel on screen

Display SelectionLevel on screen

1Llewellyn10-Aug-2015 09:31 by bert

Data entry automation with dates

I need help linking specific dates entered to specific worksheets

1hrbhd79-Jul-2015 11:37 by bert

Sort Cardbox database using external program

2Mary Doyle13-Jun-2015 09:00 by Mary Doyle

Edit or Delete Duplicate Topic

0OLD GEEZER21-May-2015 19:34 by OLD GEEZER

Launch a Macro with a Radio Button in a Record (or field)

3OLD GEEZER1-Jun-2015 13:48 by herman.cbx

Launch a Macro with a Radio Button in a Record (or field)

0OLD GEEZER21-May-2015 19:29 by OLD GEEZER

Error messages not displaying

4stuartsimms28-Mar-2018 23:59 by Justin G

Avoiding search "White Wall"

Is it possible to avoid the Select event displaying white error screen if search is false

3cristoayre16-Feb-2015 12:49 by bert

Startup macro problem

The macro that should start with Cardbox cannot be found, yet plays OK from Window

1cristoayre12-Feb-2015 16:31 by bert

Returning value from extrenal VBScript

How to get the data back from an external VBScript

7cristoayre8-Feb-2015 19:01 by cristoayre

Extract Data From Another Excel Workbook

Extracting Data From Another Excel Workbook (Auto populating)

1tckelley8524-Dec-2014 18:29 by bert

Unique ID per record using cardbox.interop.dll

2Dubs11-Dec-2014 16:23 by Dubs

How would I send a copy of a cardbox database to a non-cardbox user?

3BillyGoat3-Dec-2014 08:47 by BillyGoat


Is there any way of obtaining a list of the profiles in a database or triggering an error handling routine in the macro?

2Keith12-Nov-2014 09:20 by Keith1


How to make WritetoBytes work

6Charles Welling7-Aug-2014 08:50 by bert

Macro to save to different locations

Macro that would allow you to enter a Folder name which is numbered and then save it to that folder.

2ace8318-Mar-2014 20:06 by Thomas G Walsh

macro to lookup data and delete row containing that data

3RickStewart24-Feb-2014 10:17 by bert

Using contents of fields as look-up table for entry into other fields

3Chris H24-Feb-2014 07:36 by RickStewart

Boolean search in two fields

I like to do a Boolean selection from two different fields

1herman.cbx2-Jan-2014 14:14 by bert

Blank Fields

7PeterD20-Dec-2013 08:39 by Mary Doyle

Date Search

6PeterD8-Nov-2013 09:14 by PeterD

Combining two macro's

I am trying to combine two macros into one, the first opens the print requester and the second saves and clears the input form of the data that has just gone to print.

1Andytymeiz15-Jul-2013 13:24 by stuartsimms

Transferring Marcros to a new computer and Carbox 3.1

1SeaCraft25-Jun-2013 13:02 by bert

Text hyperlinks in screen format

4stuartsimms11-Jun-2013 08:49 by stuartsimms

Sending Email Format via Outlook - CASH PAID FOR HELP!!!

Need to create a Macro to enable me to send a Format Page via Outlook. CASH PAID FOR HELP!!!

1NickBick3-Apr-2013 15:17 by stuartsimms

Cardbox fatal error when running macro

8stuartsimms22-Mar-2013 11:47 by bert

help with Macro

1nickface27-Jan-2013 21:16 by bert

Sending single email from Outlook 2003

Trying to implement macro on help point 529

5stuartsimms18-Dec-2012 20:47 by Charles Welling

Sending SMS from Cardbox macro

Looking for service provider and sample macro

2stuart13-Dec-2012 10:39 by bert

Macro: Need to know the count of emails in a outlook folder and sort it for last 24 hours and 15 hours any help plx

1smartsubbi12-Nov-2012 18:54 by bert

calculation problems

how to calculate the length of a plant

3herman.cbx19-Oct-2012 10:20 by bert

macro to save pictures to disk

Is it possible to save images (pictures) from my Cardbox records to harddisk?

4herman.cbx18-Oct-2012 12:16 by herman.cbx

Help converting Cardbox2 macro to Cardbox 3

3pnasher7-Sep-2012 17:03 by bert

How do you put bullet points in macros?

2Lynda-Marie28-Aug-2012 15:19 by Lynda-Marie

Hyperlinks or Email Addresses in Macro

3Lynda-Marie28-Aug-2012 15:33 by Jelly Belly

Save as Selection

Save as editable Wkbk based on cell selection, also PDF

1shootingstarz122526-Aug-2012 23:33 by bert

Control of TAPI dialer programs

Control over 'dial' command

6Satigny6-Sep-2012 11:42 by bert

Help with macros!

1tonaya20-Aug-2012 22:13 by bert

bulk email macro not filling in To: field

2jury8-Aug-2012 09:33 by bert


Hi folks, i could really use some help.

0Paul T20-Jul-2012 17:21 by Paul T

Search over multiple databses

2Woody12322-Mar-2012 13:00 by Charles Welling

Incremental Numbering

Looking to insert fields to increment by 1 at each record

3Woody1236-Mar-2012 09:52 by Woody123

Search Macro with spelling dictionary

Is it poosibel to have a search with drop down box of common spelled words?

1Woody12317-Feb-2012 10:50 by bert

Macros missing

Button not finding macros

2Woody12317-Feb-2012 09:51 by Woody123

New to Macros...Need Help!

2gmacdaddy8931-Jan-2012 20:26 by gmacdaddy89

Mail-merge macro fails in Win7

My Carbox mail-merge run macro fails worked well in WinXP, but fails in Win7

6mermayde1-Nov-2011 12:55 by mermayde

Macro Works on Some Machines, but Not on Others

Bulk email command cannot open outlook.

3Voices4Wellbeing11-Oct-2011 14:14 by Voices4Wellbeing

HELP with writing a MACRO


4HB1235-Oct-2011 10:27 by bert

Transfer Cardbox 2.0 macros to Cardbox 3.0

Copy macros from version 2.0 to version 3.0

1Omar5-Sep-2011 17:06 by bert

changing date and time to -12 h (astronomy!)

5TB20-Aug-2011 20:23 by TB

macro to change state of checkbox

2TB20-Aug-2011 13:11 by TB

adding client folder to cardbox

is there anyway of setting up a folder on a shared drive which can be added and saved via cardbox

3carercentresue18-Aug-2011 12:44 by bert

Mail Merge to Existing Document

Macro needed to open a mail merge using an existing document.

0Voices4Wellbeing4-Aug-2011 13:24 by Voices4Wellbeing

Attaching Documents to Bulk Email

I need to be able to attach a document to a bulk email from cardbox.

20Voices4Wellbeing22-Aug-2011 09:34 by Voices4Wellbeing

Relational DataBases

Asking for a way to create a relational Database in CardBox wich allows to insert new records in one table, related with records from another one.

1Charo15-Jul-2011 07:10 by bert

Copy and paste from fields

I am trying to take the value of one field and copy it into another field.

0Woody12318-Apr-2011 12:03 by Woody123

Macro Button Help!

Button not working

9Woody12314-Jan-2011 10:49 by Woody123

adding today's date

adding today's date to a field without deleting the existing text

6TB8-Jan-2011 10:05 by bert

No 'Record Macro' button...

...but I have play, pause and stop buttons.

3Voices4Wellbeing27-Oct-2010 09:17 by Voices4Wellbeing

Opening an Existing Word Document

...and adding fields into it.

8Voices4Wellbeing27-Oct-2010 11:21 by Voices4Wellbeing

Problem processing array calling subroutines

Macro only processing first item in an array when subroutines are called

3Mary Doyle (DAF)11-Oct-2010 11:14 by Mary Doyle (DAF)

Drop Down List Filtering

Drop Down list filtered by previous choice - Is this possible?

1Jelly Belly21-Sep-2010 11:49 by bert

Check if database open, if not then open it, if open then next step

4Nickc10826-Jul-2010 15:45 by bert

Adding 21 days to a date

How can I add 21 days to a date?

1322-Aug-2011 19:16 by bert

Function keys to run macros

5mandlg16-Aug-2010 03:42 by jason

Quick Search Macro

A quick way of using Cardbox's powerful search capabilities.

3Jelly Belly17-Jun-2015 12:07 by bert

adding file attachments to bulk emails

1Helen12-Jan-2010 17:03 by bert

Switching between windows in Cardbox

A Simple Macro to switch between open windows in Cardbox

5Jelly Belly7-Dec-2009 09:23 by Charles Welling

Cardbox Capabilities ?

1SHopkin27-Nov-2009 12:41 by bert

Image Fields in Build 4285

How many Image fields can I use?

2Jelly Belly12-Nov-2009 15:57 by Jelly Belly

Help with MACRO

4SHopkin11-Nov-2009 11:33 by SHopkin

Edit a field using Extra Text

Small macro to edit fields full-screen.

1Charles Welling1-Nov-2009 19:15 by Charles Welling

pop up list of codes

1looby29-Oct-2009 09:41 by Charles Welling

How to Set the default value of a drop down list.

0muruganad28-Oct-2009 05:47 by muruganad

How do I sort on the last word in a field?

1Ruud9-Sep-2009 12:38 by bert

Sum cell values to the right of "TOTAL"

How to automatically sum all cells next to a cell that has "TOTAL" as text.

0gabe1718-Jun-2009 14:54 by gabe17

Macro for adding field totals in one record only

Thanks to Bert and Charles for all their help last week. I am now trying to write a macro with the same result but for one record only.

2Helen20-Apr-2009 12:37 by Helen

Macro for adding field totals.

Need to total numbers contained in a series of fields, both for one record only and for a selection of records.

8Helen26-Mar-2009 14:09 by Helen

Macro fails trying to convert fractal images in a CB database

UpgradeFractals.cbs stops and gives an error message: advice requested

1Christopher_Spry9-Mar-2009 22:03 by Christopher_Spry

Problem Exporting Cardbox to Excel

When I try to export cardbox to excel all the information for each record appears on one line.

4fastank31-Jan-2009 21:45 by bert

Counting the Number of Records

I need Cardbox to count how many records match a search, and put this number in a field.

16Voices4Wellbeing16-Aug-2010 09:20 by bert

Search from web interface?

Is it possible to search from a web (intranet) based form/interface?

10colm_c16-Mar-2009 19:47 by bert

Open existing excel doc using a macro button

Open existing excel doc

5JPARM14-Nov-2008 11:24 by JPARM

Opening up an internet map

I need a macro to copy the post code field, open IE, go to www.multimap.com and search for that post code.

10Voices4Wellbeing5-Aug-2011 10:15 by Voices4Wellbeing

calculating in macro's

2Yvette Waard28-Oct-2008 23:31 by Mary Doyle

batch updates in relational search

Macroscript to change a selection of records that match a field of all record in another database.

2Saskia Leefsma8-Oct-2008 07:51 by Saskia Leefsma

insert a new row after a break in a number sequence

i need help to write a macro to insert a new row after a break in a number sequence

1TALON1239-Oct-2008 14:10 by Charles Welling

System Idle and variable addition scripting

Trying to make my job easier.

0Lonewolf18718-Aug-2008 22:18 by Lonewolf187

New page command in format

How do I insert a new page command in a record

1dogsbody15-Aug-2008 16:49 by bert

Using Internet Explorer for Cardbox message - how to give focus to IE window

8Mary Doyle (DAF)29-Jul-2008 22:38 by Mary Doyle

mailto: to use gmail

How do I configure mailto: in Cardbox to open gmail rather than Outlook to compose an email?

1Christopher Spry20-Jul-2008 19:23 by bert

Speller in Cardbox

Use MS Office speller in Cardbox using a macro

0bert9-Jun-2008 10:10 by bert

Needing help with autofill macro..

1chochato12-May-2008 12:45 by Charles Welling

Freelance.eu outsource your programming and webdesign projects

0adminfreelance5-Mar-2008 07:45 by adminfreelance

pick a name for email

0Charles Welling10-Oct-2007 15:13 by Charles Welling

Macro for conversion of isbn 10 to 13

Has anyone written a macro that will convert a 10 digit isbn field to a new 13 digit isbn field?

10Alysoun29-Nov-2007 03:41 by MRB

How to convert cardbox database to excel for editting/copying?

2Sander13-Jul-2007 03:52 by Tom Hark

Interface macro

Macro for researching into several files

8Nadjan11-May-2007 18:57 by Charles Welling

Keyboard Shortcuts

How can I appply keyboard shortcuts to client machines? I have tried coping the workspace to the server but that doe snot see to have done anything.

1.Mark21-Apr-2007 11:16 by Charles Welling

Automating Cardbox

Transferring data between Access and Cardbox

0UKExporters19-Apr-2007 08:01 by UKExporters

Upgrading from Version 2.0 to verison 3.0....

....why does now of the macros appear or work.

4.Mark22-Feb-2008 23:20 by Satigny

Totalling fields when editing a record (some fields are empty)

1DLROI22-Feb-2007 20:00 by Mary Doyle


Linkage between 2 sheets in excel

0Geetika Arora13-Feb-2007 13:20 by Geetika Arora

Test date dans champ input

Test date dans un Input

1CDP-Nivelles27-Oct-2006 14:03 by Charles Welling

Boucle ???

Boucle fin de fichier

1CDP-Nivelles12-Oct-2006 13:35 by Charles Welling

Macro for 'On Save'

I need to copy and paste a particular field when the file is saved.

1jackrabbit18111-Oct-2006 15:34 by Charles Welling

Printing 2 Database records with a pushbutton

Macro to allow you to print 2 database records both containing a unique reference number, via a pushbutton

1Alpha6-Oct-2006 15:43 by Charles Welling

phone number macros

1jenr11826-Oct-2006 15:32 by Charles Welling

Test for presence of field

5Charles Welling25-Sep-2006 10:33 by Charles Welling

Espace entre mot

4CDP-Nivelles16-Sep-2006 21:12 by Charles Welling

date utility

pick dates from a calendar

3Charles Welling4-Sep-2006 11:58 by Mary Doyle (DAF)

Access On Error GoTo

Problem on Access On Error GoTo

3menbere25-Jul-2006 11:26 by Paul Irvine

How to macro 'New Window'?

4Jamie28-Jul-2006 09:50 by bert

Test fichier urgent

test fichier

0CDP-Nivelles29-Jun-2006 08:22 by CDP-Nivelles

ouverture fichier avec mot de passe

ouverture fichier...

1CDP-Nivelles30-Jun-2006 08:39 by Charles Welling

sos macro

sos macro

1CDP-Nivelles24-Jun-2006 14:59 by Charles Welling


select case

1CDP-Nivelles24-Jun-2006 15:05 by Charles Welling

Labels... version cardbox 3.0

Labels... with cardbox 3.0

1CDP-Nivelles20-Jun-2006 11:14 by Charles Welling


problème....erreur (je ne vois pas ou ????)

4CDP-Nivelles20-Jun-2006 06:38 by Mary Doyle

Problème de sécurité avec un fichier

Problème de sécurité

2CDP-Nivelles19-Jun-2006 12:13 by CDP-Nivelles

Complex Database

4Jamie15-Jun-2006 12:47 by Charles Welling

effacer un fichier

effacement fichier

1CDP-Nivelles8-Jun-2006 15:05 by Charles Welling


Mise en forme avec des soulignements...

1CDP-Nivelles6-Jun-2006 12:48 by Charles Welling

cardbox from java

how to connect a cardbox database from java language

0benoit2-Jun-2006 12:54 by benoit

Test fichier ouvert

Test fichier ouvert

2CDP-Nivelles28-Jun-2006 07:07 by CDP-Nivelles

envoyer une valeur à une macro ???

envoie une valeur à une macro

1CDP-Nivelles26-May-2006 12:37 by Charles Welling

Compter le nombre de mot dans un champ (computer a number of word in the field)

Compter le nombre de mot

1CDP-Nivelles25-May-2006 09:29 by Charles Welling

InputBox Help

InputBox Help me

1CDP-Nivelles22-May-2006 08:00 by Charles Welling

Opening Word using a Macro in Cardbox

5SHopkin10-Dec-2007 08:59 by Charles Welling

Format printer variable

printer variable in the format

1CDP-Nivelles22-May-2006 07:30 by Charles Welling

Format decimal

Format decimal

1CDP-Nivelles18-May-2006 13:19 by bert

error calculation

Error calculation

1CDP-Nivelles25-Apr-2006 08:42 by cardboss

Help wanted in testing

We hope we've eliminated an obscure nexus of bugs but we'd like you to test.

2cardboss25-Apr-2006 17:35 by bert


1Charles Welling24-Apr-2006 10:58 by cardboss

Set Default values for drop down lists and option groups

2mjprog28-Oct-2009 05:43 by muruganad

Searching in a particular format

1mjprog24-Mar-2006 09:31 by Charles Welling

Searching for Null

Does anyone know what the code would look like if you wanted to search for null values in a field?

1mjprog24-Mar-2006 09:14 by Charles Welling

Calculating Age

Does anyone have a macro written that will either calculate an age on 1 record or all records.

7TF22-Feb-2011 23:00 by Mary Doyle

Macro helpers wanted

We're making a list of people able to give help with Cardbox macros.

5cardboss22-Mar-2006 00:06 by Alex Maines

Creating a user interface

1mjprog8-Mar-2006 19:18 by cardboss

Printing from more than one database

0mjprog6-Mar-2006 11:48 by mjprog

Searching and Positioning of database windows

1mjprog19-Mar-2006 15:12 by Charles Welling

Audit Log

Suggestions on how an audit log would be created in Cardbox

0mjprog6-Mar-2006 11:03 by mjprog

Cardbox & Dates

How do I get cardbox to add 6 months to a date already in a field, then input this to another field?

2batnip8-Nov-2005 14:33 by batnip

WARNING: latest Windows Update may cause Cardbox macros to stop working

The update concerned may be KB896688.

1cardboss6-Jan-2006 23:49 by R. Woodhouse

making a birthday calender

How can I make a birthday calender

1amidatrust7-Nov-2005 09:10 by Charles Welling

Checking for already opened database

1Herman B23-Aug-2005 18:01 by Paul Irvine

Adding Special Menu

Does anyone know how to make a newly added Special Menu visible for other users?

3Mara Gerritsen10-Oct-2005 14:38 by cardboss

Simple macros

1jaap van Tuyl22-May-2005 20:28 by bert

Macros and editing of records

Has anyone suggestions about how to make macros that do not run when somebody else is editing a record.

4Charles Welling6-May-2005 20:09 by Charles Welling

Windows Scripting Host and Cardbox constants

An alternative to explicitly copying the definitions of Cardbox constants when writing Windows Scripting Host scripts.

0cardboss26-Apr-2005 17:35 by cardboss

Using Cardbox from outside Cardbox

Here is an example of a script accessible from Windows that opens Cardbox, performs some commands, and closes it again, all without any user intervention.

0cardboss26-Apr-2005 08:07 by cardboss

Sending SMS macro

Macro that allows you to send a SMS message to a mobile phone. The mobile number is stored in the "MOBILE" field.

3Paul Irvine30-Nov-2011 09:58 by Charles Welling
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